Why Corona Virus Spread In China

In the panic over coronavirus in britain we seem to have forgotten about china. Why is china home to the world s deadliest pandemic diseases.

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On january 30 the who declared coronavirus a global emergency as the death toll in china jumped to 170 with 7 711 cases reported in the country where the virus had spread to all 31 provinces.

Why corona virus spread in china. While the vast majority of these cases are contained to china it s now spread to every continent besides antarctica prompting fears of a. Will china s leader survive the coronavirus test. But there s something at the heart of chinese society that allowed the contagion to take hold.

In less than a month italy has gone from having only three cases of the coronavirus to the highest number outside of china. But questions remain about whether authorities initially concealed the severity and spread of the outbreak. Why has the disease spread so quickly in italy.

The argument goes that british and european cases are far closer to home. China has taken unprecedented steps to stop covid 19 locking down 60 million people. As northern italy struggles with europe s first and largest outbreak of covid 19 robert fisk examines the region s links to china.

Everything you need to know about the global spread of covid 19. The world is panicked about the spread of the coronavirus. Sars epidemic began in china in november 2002 and soon spread across the world.

There is a logic to that of course. Coronavirus spread in china slows sharply but doubt remains bloomberg news tuesday s number of new cases was lowest in almost 6 weeks chinese data has been repeatedly revised breeding mistrust.

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