Turkey Neck After Weight Loss

According to columbia health if you lose between 50 and 100 pounds rapidly your skin is less likely to shrink in time. Turkey neck happens for a host of reasons including sun damage weight loss loss of elastin collagen breakdown and if your unlucky like me heredity.

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Excess skin under the chin also known as turkey wattle or turkey neck is often the first sign of aging.

Turkey neck after weight loss. Generally speaking turkey necks are usually due to excess skin and loose muscles in your neck. Perform these natural face lifting for neck exercises daily for tightening loose sagging neck muscles and for getting rid of turkey gobbler neck. This usually happens after weight loss.

As people get older they become prone to turkey neck because skin loses its elasticity from the aging process. Rapid and extreme weight loss does not give the skin ample time to shrink back. As you age your skin also loses elasticity which is another common cause of loose skin on the neck.

Turkey neck is caused by flaccid muscles loose skin and fat. Sun damage weight gain or loss and your genetics also contribute to turkey wattle. There are cases however of people who develop a turkey neck way before this age.

Following are some effective neck tightening exercises for sagging neck and jowls that will help you get rid of turkey neck to and to tighten neck skin after weight loss. This means the thin skin that lies over the top of the neck muscles isnt adequately supported and is likely to sag giving you what is known as a turkey neck. By losing less than 50 pounds at a rate of one to three pounds a week your skin is more likely to adjust to your decreased body mass.

The neck is not the easiest of areas to treat but if you follow our tips youll turn your neck from turkey back to spring chicken. Turkey neck congratulations on the weight loss. Whatever the reason its not very pretty so today were going to talk about some simple in office procedures to smack down that less than welcome turkey neck.

However age isnt the sole factor. Prolonged exposure to ultra violet light from the sun or the tanning bed damages skin. This results in a lot of loose skin around areas such as the neck hands and the stomach.

The skin under the chin area is particularly prone to the wear and tear of aging. Sometimes people lose a lot of weight and suddenly turkey neck has made an unwelcome appearance under their chins. Fix that aging neck with a little ol needle.

Turkey neck series part ii. This will require a necklift which removes the skin and tightens your muscles. Another cause of turkey neck is exposure to uv rays.

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